Major National Parks & Wild Life Sanctuaries

    India is one of 12 megadiversity countries which together account for upto 70% of world's biodiversity. It is the only country in the world that is home to both lions and tigers.
    Valley of Flowers National Parks 25Km from Badrinath,

    3500m above sea level:
    Wild flowers & butterflies

    June - Nov
    Corbett Tiger Reserve 50km from Ramnagar,

    Sal forest & river plains:
    Tigers, chitals, deer, elephants, leopards & sloth bears

    Nov - June
    Rajaji National Park 13km from Haridwar,

    Forested hills:
    Elephants, tigers, leopards, deer & sloth bears

    Nov - June
    Govind Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park Saur - Sankri,

    Mountain scenery:
    Black & brown bears, snow leopards, deer, bird life

    June - Nov
    Pin Valley National Park Dhankar,
    Himachal Pradesh

    Pristine mountains:
    Snow leopards, ibex, black bears, deer

    June - Nov
    Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary - A World Heritage Site 24 Parganas (North & South),
    Southern West Bengal

    Vast mangrove swamp forest:
    Tigers, deer, monkeys & bird life

    Jan - Mar
    Jaldhapara Wildlife Sanctuary Jalpaiguri,
    Northern West Bengal
    Forest & grasslands:
    Indian single horn rhinos, deer & elephants
    Oct - May
    Kaziranga National Park - A World Heritage Site Assam, North eastern region Tall grasslands & swamp:
    Rhinos, elephants, tigers & bird life
    Feb - Mar
    Manas Wildlife Sanctuary - A World Heritage Site North Kamrup,
    Home of Rhinos, wild buffalos, langurs, elephants Nov - Mar
    Sariska National Park Sariska,
    Tigers, chinkaras, sambars, nilgais & wild boars
    Nov - Jun
    Ranathambore National Park South of Jaipur,
    Crocodile-filled lake:
    Crocodiles & tigers
    Oct - Apr
    Keoladeo Ghana National Park - A World Heritage Site Bharatpur,
    Siberian cranes, herons, storks, geese & deer
    Oct - late Feb
    Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary Sasan Gir,
    Oasis in desert:
    Asian lions, chowsinghas, leopards & crocodiles
    Dec - Apr
    Velavadar National Park Near Bhavnagar,
    Grasslands in delta region:
    Oct - Jun
    Little Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary North-Western Gujarat Desert region:
     Indian wild ass (khurs), wolves & caracals
    Oct - Jun
    Kanha National Park Jabalpur,
    Madhya Pradesh
    Deer, tigers, chitals, gaurs, blackbucks, leopards & hyenas
    Mar - Jun
    Bandhavgarh National Park Jabalpur,
    Madhya Pradesh
    Old fort on cliffs above plains:
    Nov - Apr
    Navagaon National Park 135km east of Nagpur,
    Hilly forest & bamboo groves around a man-made lake:
    Leopards, sloth bears, deer & migratory birds
    Oct - Jun
    Simlipal National Park Balasore,
    Tigers, leopards, elephants, crocodiles & birdlife
    Nov - Jun
    Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary & Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary. See Slide Show Near coast and extends from Chandipur to Paradip,
    Extensive waterways:
    Nesting habitat of one million olive Ridley turtles, salt water crocodiles, 170 recorded species of resident and migratory birds; 63 out of 72 species of mangroves found world wide
    Mid Oct - mid April
    Sanjay Gandhi National Park Near Mumbai,
    Scenic area:
    Waterbirds, butterflies 
    Oct - Apr & Aug-Nov
    Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Kumily,
    Highland deciduous forest & grasslands:
    Langurs, elephants, gaurs, otters, wild dogs, tortoises, kingfishers, fishing owls
    Nov - Apr
    Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala Forest:
    Elephants, gaurs, sambars, muntjacs, chevrotains, chitals, bonnet macaques, leopards, giant squirrels & birds
    Jan - Jun
    Vedantagal Bird Sanctuary Near Chengalpattu,
    Tamil Nadu
    Lake & island:
    Cormorants, egrets, herons, stork ibis, spoonbills, grebes & pelicans
    Nov - Jan
    Calimere Wildlife & Bird Sanctuary Near Thanjavur,
    Tamil Nadu
    Coastal wetland:
    Blackbucks, flamingos, water fowls, wild pigs, & deer
    Nov - Jan
    Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary Near Pollachi,
    Tamil Nadu
    Forested mountains:
    Elephants, gaurs, tigers, panthers, boars, bears, deer, porcupines & civet cats
    Nov - Dec
    Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park Andaman & Nicobar islands

    Mangrove, rainforest & coral:
    Diving & snorkelling

    Year round


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